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Treat the Disease vs. Treat Your Whole Body?

Do you remember when you were a child playing outdoors, and you fell and skinned your knee or scraped your elbow?  You most likely bled a little bit, cleaned the wound, and had a bandage put over it.  Your scratch, scrape, or gash would eventually scab over and heal.  That is a perfect example of
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The Power of Body, Mind, and Spirit in All Types of Medicine

Are all the different types of healthcare practitioners taught about the role emotions and spirituality play in healing?  Body, mind, spirit is a philosophical foundation in Eastern, Alternative, Functional and Energy Medicine. But in Western medicine, understanding of the healing potential and the science behind this varies from practitioner to practitioner.  Medical schools teach anatomy,
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immune system 2

Where is Your Immune System?

When you get sick with a cold or flu or you’re dealing with chronic illness or disease, many times the media or your Healthcare Practitioner will tell you it’s your immune system.  “Immune system” has become a catch phrase used to sell everything from vitamin C to probiotic drinks. But not much is being said
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Types of Medicine4

The Secret We MUST Share With You About the Different Types of Medicine

No matter what your age, you most likely know a Doctor or a Healthcare Practitioner of some kind that you see as needed.  Think for a moment about your primary care physician, or who you go to when you get a bad sore throat or the flu.  Have you ever wondered whether the drugs, tests,
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Not All Nutritional Products Are Equal

Every day we all get inundated with ads, sales and special offers!  And who doesn’t love seeing a Facebook ad for something we really want that finally goes on sale?  I’m sure, like me, you’ve been a deal hunter and bargain shopper. When you really needed a product or service, instead of paying full price
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Have You Heard of Self-Serve, or Cash Based Lab Testing for Wellness?

Did you know that clothing is marked up 500% by the time there is a retail price tag on it?  Did you know that there are also huge markups on lab tests that are ordered by your Doctor and billed to your insurance company? Cash based lab tests are nothing new to us in the
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Be Aware

You have choices.
Know what they are and chart your own path.

We spend a lot of time searching for information that might help you on your path to wellness. We find articles and scientific research on wellness subjects, share our two cents about them, and give you the links so you can read them too! But we’ll only share what we believe is science based, accurate, clinically valid and proven!

We hope what we share helps you on your journey to wellness!

They Call It Placebo Effect, We Call It, The Power of Self-Healing!

Let’s get right to the point. There is an abundance of science and research that says we have the power to self-heal. A scholarly article written in 1997 from Harvard made the point that every time a research study is done with a group of people receiving a placebo, a large percentage of those
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Resveratrol, the Newest Panacea?

Is it Heart Healthy? An Anti-inflammatory? An Antioxidant? Studies Say … Resveratrol, found in red wine, from grapes of course, and some other foods is one of those ingredients that is being linked to a slew of health benefits. The most noteworthy are lowering bad cholesterol, reducing inflammation, combating heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and
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Fatigued? Before You Grab for Another Cup of Coffee

Could your fatigue actually be a symptom of your adrenal gland not working like it should? Could be. Especially if you have mental, emotional, or physical stress. And who doesn’t? But your fatigue could also be poor sleep, poor diet, or depression. It could also be something more serious. “’Fatigue is also a symptom of
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Why the Hype? Why Is CoQ10 So Talked About?

Sometimes the buzz about the latest nutritional products are really hyped up attempts to sell their products. That is NOT the case with CoQ10 (Q10 coenzyme). What is it and what does it do? First, it’s found in very cell of your body. Our cells use it to produce energy, and it has antioxidant
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