Erin Crutcher has been a Business Development consultant in the Functional and Integrative Medicine industries for more than 10 years. For most of her life, she has dealt with multiple symptoms that eventually led to her being diagnosed with her first Autoimmune Disease in 2002. From that point on, she has been on her journey back to wellness. She began living an integrated life that combines Functional, Eastern, and Western Medicine. In 2010, after suffering through multiple drug induced disease states, multiple Autoimmune Disease states, and being told by her medical doctors that she was terminal and to say goodbye to her family, she is now considered an Autoimmune Survivor. Her life is a miracle and she will share with you her miracles, true stories, and how she has traveled from the brink of death to remission, to being ALIVE, and a part of our Team. Erin is maintaining her wellness with an integrative approach where she advocates for herself, and she promises to share it all through our Be Alive Wellness blog, podcasts, in-person speaking engagements and every chance she gets to let you know there is always hope! Erin knows that miracles happen and are contagious. She will share hers with you, and we can’t wait to hear about yours!