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Our journeys are as individual as we are. And each of us needs to find our own path. Helping you find yours is the heart and foundation of Be Alive Wellness.

Your journey towards wellness – physical, emotional, and spiritual – needs to be of your own making and of your heart. Be Alive Wellness is a movement that exists to help you decide what path your journey will follow.

We are dedicated to helping you navigate the medical industries; provide you the support you need to become your own advocate for health; help you interpret the science and research that is relevant to all aspects of your body, mind, and spirit. And we will share our hearts with you, to bring you inspiration and hope, every step of the way.

No matter where you are on your journey, there is a path forward. We know that transformation is possible and miracles happen. We want to be a part of yours.

Erin Crutcher

I came to Be Alive Wellness, because it is my life’s work to share how I became an Autoimmune Survivor with you.

I nearly died from multiple autoimmune conditions in 2010.  My innate and adaptive immune system was completely shut down, and it was time to say goodbye to my family.

Prior to getting that ill I had come to understand through my career in Functional Medicine that there were so many important things that impacted my life and caused me to end up in the state I was in.  Unfortunately   what and when I learned the info there was only so much I could do to stop the diseases from taking over my life. 

Realizing that the food I ate, GMO’s, the environment, vaccines, genetic mutation, stress occurring in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual ody, my attitude, and my perception all played a huge role on how I had aged and come to the place of almost dying right before my 29th birthday.

I channeled my passion for helping other chronically ill patients and people by working for an educational organization that trained Healthcare Practitioners on Functional Medicine/Nutrition.  I truly felt as though I was helping the planet with my efforts, yet there was always a desire to go bigger every day of my life.

After my family said goodbye and the hospital staff was out of my room I said a prayer.  A prayer of surrender to God’s will.  I was at peace with transitioning and very grateful for my life, but if I woke up,  I knew that meant my path wasn’t complete, that I would get well and do it with the knowledge I had in all areas of medicine to heal my body, mind, spirit, heart, and also share it with the world. 

I am here because of you, your path, and how I may be of service to you.  My intent is to empower you to be a Wellness Advocate, and learn how to create your own miracles of healing your body.  I have done it, and believe you can too!

Join my Partners and I in his movement that is dedicated to you finding answers, and being inspired. 

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Sandra Pearce

Growing up in the age of modern medicine, I was the poster child for believing in the medical system. If my doctor said it, I believed it. Then, I met someone who would change my entire life. When I was 16, I got my first job and I didn’t realize what a powerful influence the woman who hired me would have on me. There are so many facets to that statement, but today I’m going to share just one with you for now.

Charlene Horn was in her late 50’s and finishing her doctorate in nutrition. One day she said to me, “If you ever catch me with a cold, the flu, or sick in any way, I’ll give you $100.” As a child of poverty in the late 70’s, that got my attention! And that was her intention. Smart woman.

I never got that $100. What I got was a life lesson, that our health is a direct result of our actions. It took me years to truly embrace that lesson, and still I don’t always do what I know is best for me. I was, after all, a product of the influences of my generation that drugs were all great, the medical system in America was the best in the world, and to blindly take whatever the doctor gave me. A few decades later, Charlene’s words finally sank all the way in.

So I shifted my career focus towards alternative healthcare. Since then, I have seen what western medicine would call miracles. Alternative healthcare practitioners call them just another day at the office. These “miracles” have occurred in people given prognoses of a lifetime of suffering or imminent death, yet are alive, well, and thriving with no pharmacological, or surgical intervention.

I still believe that western medicine and pharmaceuticals save lives, because they do. But I also believe that just treating symptoms, diagnosing disease, and prescribing drugs is a philosophy that is costing countless lives.  I also believe that our chemical and toxin filled lives have resulted in an epidemic of autoimmune diseases and debilitating conditions, many of which haven’t even been named yet.

Thankfully, there is a new way to address illness and disease states naturally, with nutrition, lab testing, spirituality and the power of self-healing. And along with it, there are healthcare practitioner addressing what most allopathic doctors are not yet trained to address, treatment of cause and prevention. They are Functional Medicine Practitioners, made up of Chiropractors, Doctors of Oriental Medicine, Naturopathic Physicians, Acupuncturists, Holistic Medical Doctors, Certified Nutritionists, Nurses and a host of others who have been moved to action by their drive to help suffering people who are not being helped in our current medical system.

Like them, I, and the team at Be Alive Wellness, know that there is a different way, a natural, non-chemical, holistic way to help people find their own paths to wellness. We have all made a commitment to ourselves, each other, and to you to do all that we can to help you truly Be Alive.


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