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Your journey towards wellness – physical, emotional, and spiritual – needs to be of your own making and of your own heart. Be Alive Wellness is a movement that exists to help you decide what path your journey will follow. We have been where you are, and we know where you want to go. Each of your journeys to wellness and optimal health is as individual as you are. And each has to Start Where You Are and find your own path.  Helping you discover that path and make the best choices for you is what we are all about.


Be Alive Nutrition

Your body was designed to be healthy. And it has an innate ability to heal itself, if it has the tools it needs.  To get or stay healthy, and to reach optimal health, you need the best possible nutritional and supplemental support. You need Professional grade products. We have chosen some very specific products from professional grade manufacturers for you. Why? Because we would, and have, chosen them for ourselves. They are based on research, science and most importantly, the results they can provide you on your path to wellness.


Be Alive Lab Testing

What are your wellness road blocks? The answers are in you. Actually, they are in your blood chemistry. You can now access all that your blood can tell you about your chemical imbalances and your state of wellness and track your biochemical changes over time as you make diet, nutritional and lifestyle changes. Take the guess work out of your wellness plan.  Once you do, you can better chart your course back to wellness and optimal health.


Treat the Disease vs. Treat Your Whole Body?

Do you remember when you were a child playing outdoors, and you fell and skinned your knee or scraped your elbow?  You most likely bled a little bit, cleaned the wound, and
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They Call It Placebo Effect, We Call It, The Power of Self-Healing!

Let’s get right to the point. There is an abundance of science and research that says we have the power to self-heal. A scholarly article written in 1997 from
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